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Why I’m In (the Author Blog Challenge.2015)!

Today I set the intention to blog for 35 days! I participated in another Author Blog Challenge a few years back, and though I didn’t post every day, I hung in there more than I thought I would when I started. I’m ready! What did I get from the other blog challenge that invites me to repeat?

I met a whole group of people from around the world, most of whom were writing their first book and / or learning to market their book. This compelled me to complete my own book, Adoption: More Than By Chance, and to pursue it to publication. I learned that many strangers were within easy reach of my computer, and I heard some voices that I hope I’ll catch again! And there will be new people to meet!

I’m a book reader, too. I got leads on books of all genres to read! I learned the excitement of unique individuals and the different ways they write. There’s certainly no shortage of books out there, and one way to predict if you’ll like reading a book is by hearing the voices of bloggers who write books!

Because I write about adoption, and adoption is something universal in all parts of the world, I hope to ignite interest in readers to read my book and share it with friends and family members.

You don’t have to have an adoption in the family to read my book. The book is also about synchronicity, which is where the More Than By Chance part of the title comes in. People who’ve known me, and know that I work in adoption, have been surprised to learn of the quirky issues that came up in adoptions I’ve worked on, whether (in the jargon of adoption world) they were international adoptions, older child adoptions or domestic infant adoptions. In the book there are also stories of reunion when adopted people seek to find their roots and the waiting families are the birth families, hoping to hear from a part of the family that’s been missing.

Based on my 35 years in adoptions, the book shows changes in adoption over the arc of history. From young women sent away to maternity homes, cautioned to ‘forget about this’ and never to tell anyone of their baby (and who then thought something was wrong with them because they couldn’t forget) to the open adoption practice of recent placements, I describe the why’s for change in adoption practice.

I’m writing a second book now, and the regularity of blogging daily will help me grow that second book: working title, Helping the Birth Mother You Know.
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