The Importance of Platform

  1. What are the three most important things you are doing to grow your platform?

Although I believe I’ve made progress in the last year plus, I’m still learning how to grow my platform.

I finally hired someone to build my website, a task I’d sat on for six years. I should be able to do this myself, I reasoned. But I didn’t. I struggled to learn how to utilize the wordpress blog I’d set up in lieu of a full blown website. I knew of ways to drive traffic to my blog, but I didn’t really utilize the knowledge I had.

With the new website in place (, I felt better prepared to enter the Author’s Blog Challenge of writing for 35 days in a row. Now that we’re on the last week of ABC, I’ve fallen behind due to Life’s intervening, but I’ll get caught up, perhaps today.

I started a Twitter account. I have only been ‘on Twitter’ for a few weeks now, and I am astounded at how quickly my contact list has grown. Retweets I’ve posted get retweeted from my site. The potential is mind-boggling!

My webdesigner called me ‘intrepid’ last week.

'I was can teach an old dog new tricks.'

I asked, “Intrepid? How so?” “Because when I told you how to use the Publicize feature, you tried it. I tell other clients how to set this up and they don’t try.” With each new post that goes to our common site for posting, it automatically appears on Facebook and Twitter, and I got it the first time I tried!

Not only that but I’ve learned how to Add Media. This old dog is still learning!


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