The Day 32 prompt is: Time for some shout-outs. This may mimic your acknowledgement page, but whom would you like to publicly thank for their help in creating your book or completing it to the point where it is presently?

There aremegaphone many people who were important to the culmination of my dream: to publish a book of adoption stories. At his memorial service in 1994, I felt particularly sad that Bill Hurley,  a friend since college, died without publishing any of his writings. I vowed not to die with my song still inside me.

I took an early version of the manuscript with me to Texas in 1998 when my brother Larry Scott and sister-in-law Patricia Scott were also visiting. Pat is an English teacher and reads more books than just about anybody I know. She validated my distinctive voice that comes through in my stories.

I left a copy of the manuscript with my sister, Nita Ellerd. She called and suggested that the story ‘Amaryllis’ would be strengthened if I didn’t reveal until the end that the social worker who brought the baby from Texas was from Amarillo.

Linda Radke, owner of Five Star Publishing, is someone I knew from my adoption work. I took my book to her in 2001 for feedback. She connected me to Paul M. Howey, the first editor to read my manuscript. He identified the synchronicity inherent in many stories.

Each secretary for Pregnancy, Parenting and Adoption at Catholic Social Service in Phoenix, read my manuscript and used their quick eyes for typos as well as content. I want to formally thank Diana Singer, Barbara Graham and Beverly Elias for their attention to detail.

My dear friends Ellen Sommers and Patricia Scott (same name but a different person from my sister-in-law) were always eager listeners for my adoption stories. I was trying to come up with a name for the book when Pat suggested “Adoption, It’s No Accident.” Changing that to the positive, the book became Adoption: More Than By Chance.

My absolute deadline for publishing was the week of March 12, 2015, so that I could participate in the Tucson Festival of Books. Two members of the Phoenix Publishing and Book Marketing meetup, Lesley Sudders and Eduardo Cervino, said it was a reasonable goal and helped me through the tangled web of publishing via CreateSpace and Kindle. Amazingly, we were neighbors living less than a mile apart!

When I needed help with technology, I got assistance from my daughter, Heather Kozan.  Another meetup alum, Mary Verdier, referred me to Kastle Olson, for web design. In three months Kastle has worked with me from Phoenix, Colorado, New York and Mexico City, yet she’s only an email away.

Finally, I would not have accomplished the production of my book Adoption: More Than By Chance without faithful attendance at the meetup group Phoenix Publishing and Book Marketing led by Laura Orsini. Laura willingly shares her knowledge with everyone. Her personal link to adoption gave me the necessary push to complete this book, and to go forth with my next book, Helping the Birth Mother You Know.


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