DAY 26 What would be the ideal NON-bookstore venue for selling your book? Why? What is your plan to reach out to such a venue to ask about having them carry your book?

Thank you for the prompt that inspired me to go for an activity during November, National Adoption Month.

Pima County (Tucson) has their Adoption in the Park event scheduled for November 7 this year. Their website announces the event:  Balloons

Over 1000 people attend the Adoption in the Park event. This will be the 15th year the event has taken place in Pima County. A collaboration of agencies including Adoption and Foster Care agencies, the Pima County Juvenile Court and the Department of Child Safety work together to provide a fun filled day for all. Ramadas are transformed into courtrooms. There is food, games and jumping castles. The favorite of the day is the cake walk. It’s a memorable and enjoyable day for all.

Maricopa County (Phoenix) has their National Adoption Day Event scheduled for November 21. The press is invited to the event which celebrates by Court finalization of adoptions.

Maricopa County has held a National Adoption Day event since the beginning – we have broken all records the past few years with the number of adoptions we complete on this day – We have games and activities for the children, live entertainment, food and beverages and a professional photographer to capture each adoptive family after their adoption hearing.

I will email both listed contacts for Tucson and Phoenix to see how I can help celebrate adoption with them.  I’ll be surprised if either will allow book sales, but at the very least I can walk the crowd and handout cards and book markers that tell people where they can order the book online.

And if neither works out, there’s always next year, and I will have more time to work on the event in 2016 when I can work on two books on adoption.

Beth Kozan

Author of Adoption: More Than By Chance


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