I Skipped This One ABC Prompt: Day 29. Who’s your perfect partner?

It’s been two weeks since the 35 day Author Blog Challenge ended. I miss it. I got used to the regularity of posting every day. There were days I got ‘into a zone’ and wrote three blogs at one time. There were days I couldn’t think, and I was glad I had written ahead.

The only prompt that I couldn’t do was:   Who’s your perfect partner? I was stumped. Instead, I wrote about an off-topic idea (the Damn Sham books of ABookADay, discovered by accident when I ordered a book on Kindle that wasn’t what I thought it was!) because I simply couldn’t come up with an idea of who I could partner with for book sales.

In late March 2015, after my book Adoption: More Than By Chance was published, Kas Winters, a local publisher who has a catalogue of books that she offers through her website, contacted me about the possibility of listing my book with her. I remembered a caution in the Kindle contract about their exclusive link for 45 days and thought it likely there was something like that for CreateSpace, although I didn’t look it up.

Kas continued with her project of making a new catalogue of her books. I continued with Life.

Last week, Kas contacted me with renewed interest in listing my book for sale. I said Yes! And sent her a pdf of the cover along with some copy. Within an hour she had it posted! http://www.everythingfamily.net/AdoptionMoreThanByChance.htm

I have partnered with a purveyor of books on family issues with very little activity on my part! But I have no doubt that setting the intention via the blog that I didn’t write – but thought about a lot — helped this along!

I loved Kas’s personal comment on the page: Our family has a personal connection to the work she does and she has been helpful in getting us through some of the really tough aspects. I’ve added her book to my site, and I think those who are involved in any aspect of adoption would find it to be helpful.

Kas Winters also has authored several how-to books that help parents as well as activities for each holiday. Check out her full website: http://www.everythingfamily.net.


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