DAY 34 What has been the best part of participating in the Author Blog Challenge? What are your suggestions for improving the next Author Blog Challenge?

I have learned a lot about my writer-self from participating in this blog. I’ve learned that I CAN hang in there for five weeks of (mostly) daily posts. I say ‘mostly’ because I’ve had to reverse-post on occasion when Life intervened, but I didn’t get discouraged by that and I didn’t drop out.

I’ve learned some technical things of value: how to ‘insert media’ in a post, how to Google search for images, how to simultaneously post on FB and Twitter at the same time as my website. I still use Word for the first draft, which I’ve saved. Now that they are all posted on the website, I have to decide if I’ll keep the word docx.

Not surprisingly, I’ve confirmed to myself that I write in spurts. I’ll find myself in the groove and want to keep on writing beyond the post-of-the-day and tomorrow. And I’ll occasionally lose momentum and need to drive myself to complete a post by the deadline.

I’ve experimented with ‘best time to write’ – is it early morning? Is it after the house is still when I’m the only one awake?  (Answer: Either way works, and I’m OK with that!)

I tried to do a shorter version (four weeks, instead of five) of Author Blog Challenge in 2012. I didn’t complete it; I didn’t make it for two weeks! Now I’ve confirmed to myself that I CAN make it through a  blog challenge.

What made the difference? When I look back to 2012, I simply wasn’t ready! I had a wordpress presence, but I wasn’t satisfied with it. I didn’t understand technically how to accomplish what I imagined. I made some national and international friends from that experience, people I still follow on FB.

Having my own website has made a difference; having published my first book made a difference, too. I noticed that, as the wind-down came for ABC, I’ve been putting other things off till it’s finished. I want to keep the enthusiasm for writing that I feel now, and transpose it to enthusiasm for writing my next book.

So, to answer the questions of the prompt: What has been the best part of participating in this ABC? Increase in self-knowledge. What suggestions do I have for improving the next ABC? Maybe add another week?

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